My Name is Shenzo Gregorio, I've been performing music professionally for 20 years. I've had the honour to perform with some of the best musicians in the world in some of the most famous venues on earth. 

James Morrison Vs Shenzo Gregorio

fourplay String Quartet  - Carnegie Hall NYC

Suspended 27 metres from QVB building SYD

Today I make my living from performing music with a number of different groups and ensembles. My world came to a grinding halt in March of 2017 when the news of my mothers health took an unfortunate turn. My mother Justeen Gregory was struck down with Motor

Neurone Disease, it came as quite a shock that my mentor and teacher of music from such a young age was now facing the biggest challenge of her life. 

For me I felt compelled to do something. I couldn't just witness a horrible disease take hold and bring untold suffering to my dear mother who had been such an inspiration in my early years, without such guidance I would've have become the musician I am today.

In November of 2017 I floated a wild idea past a charity organisation in Brisbane that helps sufferes of Motor Neurone disease. The idea was to raise money by performing for 40 hours non stop. Paul olds from The Motor Neurone Disease and me Foundation immediately came on board to make things happen. Within three weeks the idea for a volunteer run music festival was born and so the 40 hour jammin went from crazy idea to reality. 

The event in Brisbane raised $20 000. It brought together the vibrant arts and music community of Brisbane and showed whats possible when people pool resources and create for a good cause. It's now inspired me to continue this line of charity work by putting on more 40 hour jams.  

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