Motor Neurone Disease

Motor Neurone Disease is the name used to describe a group of diseases in which the nerve cells (neurones) in the brain and spinal cord that control the way we walk, talk, eat, swallow, and breathe progressively die. When the neurones begin to die, the muscles that they control can no longer receive messages from the brain. The muscles become weaker and weaker, and eventually stop working, leaving people motionless, unable to talk, and trapped in their bodies. 

In MND, no one person is the same – where the weakness first starts, how the weakness progresses, and the rate at which the weakness progresses is different from person to person. Although some people can live a long time with MND, the average life expectancy is 27 months following diagnosis. Currently, there is no cure for MND


The MND and Me Foundation Limited is a not for profit organisation that Scott Sullivan formed to raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease and its impact in the community. The MND and Me Foundation Limited is a significant financial contributor towards research into finding a cure for MND. In addition to raising funds to ensure a cure for MND is realised, the Foundation remains committed to improving the lives of those impacted by Motor Neurone Disease.

  • The Foundation aims to reduce the burden of recently diagnosed patients and their families and provide practical assistance to people living with MND, and their Carers, to help them cope with present and future challenges.

  • As the symptoms of MND increase, the level of care needed to remain at home also increases. Families need to adapt to the constantly changing levels of disabilities. They need physical and emotional support. They need community acceptance. MND and Me Foundation intends to be there for them.

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