Welcome to the 40 Hour Jammin, the only Community Music Festival of its type in Australia, created by Artistic Director Shenzo Gregorio and now fully embraced by the Magnetic Island community.

What is the 40 Hour Jammin?

The 40 hour Jammin is a fundraising music festival designed to inspire people to fundraise collectively while engaged in a musical and artistic festival experience.

We connect audiences closer to live music while fundraising for a note worthy cause.  

Created in 2017 in Brisbane, the 40 Hour Jammin continues its goal of reaching $40 000 for the Motor Neurone Disease and Me Foundation. Artistic Director of the Jam, Shenzo Gregorio lost his mum to MND which instigated the 1st 40 Hour Jammin where he played for 40 hours.  This will be the 3rd, 40 Hour Jammin and the second on Magnetic Island. 

When is the 40 Hour Jammin?

The 40 Hour Jammin starts at 6pm on Friday the 17th of May at Picnic Bay (Picnic Bay Hotel, Mamma Romas) and ends at 6pm on Sunday the 19th of May at Horseshoe Bay Beach.

Our event has grown to now include an extra 8 hours of jamming!  

Where is the 40 Hour Jammin taking place?

Gigs, jamming and workshop events will be happening at 23 locations across the Island,  gradually making its way from Picnic bay to Horseshoe Bay. 

Check the 'Jam Locations' menu and select any number of the locations where music will be performed.

Follow the     symbol for exact Google Maps directions.

On most pages within this website there are corresponding Facebook events for more details.


How much is the 40 Hour Jammin to attend?

We've purposely not charged an overall festival ticket price so that anyone can attend. The opening night concert ($20) and workshops throughout the festival

($5-$20) will be the only charge. Your patronage at free events and your donations either online or at the jams will then go towards reaching our goal. 

Can I jam at the event?

Yes you can! The jam is designed to allow musicians who are not in the program to get involved. Look for any event that says the word 'Jam' or 'Jamming' in the title. For example, Foyer Jammin , Market Jam Acoustic Jammin are three such jamming events that allow you to get involved.

There are style jams, - Gypsy Jazz, Classical, Latin, Blues/folk/DJ, World Music, that are open to players who know tunes and can join in.


Who's Playing at the Jam?

There are so many outstanding creative artists for you to discover. Our Facebook Page is continually updated with more information to inspire you.

Almost 100 creative artists from within the region and from around Australia will be donating their time at cost price for the event. Rod Fergurson and John Maddox in particular will be giving of their talents for 40 hours and raising money accordingly. 

The story of Magnetic Island has been evolving since the first shard of molton granite pushed through the earth 275 million years ago. On May 17th 2019 we'll see yet another chapter created on Magnetic Island - we'd love to see you there and be part of something truly unique. 

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