Amaroo Balcony 

Saturday 18th May 2019

8.45am  -Reef Hanson and Fiona Moran.

9.15am -Magnetic Island State School Choir.

9.45am  - Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

(11.00am - Marimba Madness with Zaia @ the Amaroo Pool)

12.00pm - Linsey Pollak and friends

1.30pm  - Big D.W. and the Magnetics

2.30pm - 'Water Music' with Splash Gourdon  (Elliott Orr) @ Amaroo pool

2.50pm - Matt Ottignon and friends

4pm - 40 hours of John Maddox Continues with Julian Curwin, Nigel Date, Trevor Brown,  Cameron Jones, Chris Stone, Veren Grigorov, Miranda Deutsch, Kacey Patrick, 

6pm - Cameron De La Vega, Flamenco and world Music Jam!

7.30pm - Jane Belfrage and Jemma Armstrong

Sunday 19th 

8.30am - Gypsy Jazz Breakfast with the Amaroo All stars!

10.30am - Ingrid Rochet Violin Madness -40 Tunes in 4 hours.

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